The Na'vi Queue

At first glance, a human might think of the Na'vi queue as simply a long, rather ostentatious hair braid. This seemingly conventional braid actually sheathes a remarkably intricate system of neural tendrils that can be connected to similar structures of other life forms. This connection allows a Na'vi to sense the energetic and kinetic signals broadcast by creatures, plants and even the moon itself. It also allows the Na'vi to access the neural network that envelops the entire moon, and thus the collective wisdom of all Pandoran life. (Read more)
It is difficult to overstate the importance of the queue to the spiritual and physical well-being of the Na'vi. It is used on a daily basis to connect to animals that are vital to the success and protection of the clan; the direhorse and the mountain banshee both come under the sway of the Na'vi through use of the queue. In rare instances, other dangerous animals can be controlled through this neural interface as well.