One of the most beautiful and fragile creatures on Pandora, the hexapede is a prime target for any land or aerial predator. The rapid pace of their breeding is the only strategy that keeps them from being culled out of the Pandoran ecology.

Along with the sturmbeest, the hexapede is one of the key animals responsible for the survival of the Na'vi. Its image is represented on the war banners of several clans, and the animal is often depicted on shields and in carvings. Its leather is used in a myriad of ways, from musical instruments to clothing. (Read more)
These docile creatures appear to have little hostility either among their own herd or in the presence of a predator. They are only moderately fast runners, although they can weave, bob and turn with the best prey. The latter helps them survive in the grasslands, but when they venture into the forest for the food they crave (including tree bark and various leaves and berries) this strategy has less effectiveness, since they have less maneuvering room.

The hexapede's twin horn structures sheathe a thin, patterned membrane. The horns can pivot and pull taut the membrane for a large threat display. It is believed that this membrane may also act to amplify the sound of nearby predators. In addition, the hexapede also has feathery scent organs on both sides of its head. These organs sample the air as an early warning system to alert the animal to the presence of a predator.